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إدارة مستشفيات القوات المسلحة بالخرج Saudi Arabia Posted 2019/11/06 10:14:25 Expires 2019-11-21 Ref: JB1100002599

Duties and Responsibilities

• Establishes a good working environment in which patients receive a high standard of care.
• Participates in monitoring of the planning, delivery, and evaluation of individualized nursing care.
• Takes responsibility for the direct delivery of patient care by promoting good standards of professional competence.
• Maintains the safety and well-being of patients and staff in accordance with the health and safety policy and ensures that all accidents/ incidents are reported and documented and action is taken to prevent recurrence.
• Ensures that all clinical and legal documents completed by nurses are both accurate and legible and that the nurses understand the relevance and confidentiality of their nature.
• Ensures proper Operating Room utilization by coordinating with the surgeons, anaesthetists, anaesthesia technicians, and nurses.
• Monitors efficient turnover of patients at the reception area, theatre rooms, and recovery rooms.
• Coordinates with the surgeons for any changes of theatre schedule and disseminates information to the members of the surgical team.
• Maintains general overview of all the members of the surgical team and their needs.
• Ensures that machines, equipment, instruments, implantable devices, and other stocks are in safe place, available, and properly working by coordinating with all the members of the surgical team, BioEngineering Department, Materials and Supplies Department, and company representatives.
• Makes certain that the needed direct items for each specialty as requested by the surgeons have been ordered. Follows up the progress by coordinating with the Purchasing Department.
• Initiates and makes sure that the Annual Periodic Preventive Maintenance is being done in a regular basis by coordinating with the Nursing Administration, Engineering and Works Department, BioEngineering Department, and Infection Control.
• Monitors utilization of rooms, tracks down cancellations, and produces statistics.
• Checks and reports types and quantities of stock items and direct items per specialty and per case that were used and not used every day. Submits report to the C QI & PS Department.
• Reviews, revises, and/or formulates Unit Protocols of the Unit. Coordinates with the Theatre Users Committee, Head Nurse, Nursing Practice Group, Infection Control.
• Participates in the annual tender items preparation with the Materials and Supplies Department and charge nurses or special areas.
• Understands and initiates in the procedure for ordering supplies within the agreed ward/ department budget as required.
• Prepares Monthly Rota of the staff (regular duty and on-call) and
Holiday Planner depending on the demands of the services.
• Projects, adjusts, and evaluates concurrent staffing needs.
• Coordinates, delegates, and re-adjusts patient assignments.
• Submits monthly documents to Head Nurse (Revised rota with oncall hours rendered, additional hours overtime, overtime claimed, and overtime forms).
• Initiates Unit Meeting and In-Service lecture.
• Determines nursing priorities and plans patients care according to staff availability.
• Informs Head Nurse when changes occur in circumstances which effect standards of care.
• Establishes and develops effective communication with all the member of the surgical team patients and relatives.
• Ensures that Medical Services General Directorate Central Policy, Hospital Wide Policies, Nursing policies and Departmental Policies are adhered to.
• Ensures that infection control Procedures are being adhered to and followed in accordance with infection control policies.
• Ensures the accurate collection of data in relation to patient activity, in order that statistics may be accurately compiled.
• Participates in conducting nursing audits and quality management activities and reports the results to the Head Nurse.
• Participates in the introduction and orientation of all new members of staff to the area/ department routine.
• Ensures that all the support staff allocated to the ward/department is given appropriate teaching, support and guidance in accordance with ward objectives and continuous assessment. Reports any matters of concern of Head Nurse.
• Assists Head Nurse by participating in staff development, the professional counselling of staff and evaluations.
• Takes responsibility for own professional growth and keeps up to date with professional change and development.
• Assists the Head Nurse in the establishment of a good working atmosphere and in making the most effective/ efficient use of staff, supplies, and services.
• Keeps himself/ herself updated with the Electronic information system of the hospital.
• Carries out any other role as required and deemed appropriate to the role.


o Must have good critical thinking skills .
o Must be computer-literate.



Job Details

Job Location Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Healthcare, Practitioner and Technician
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Employment Status Full time
Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 1

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Years of Experience Min: 8
Residence Location Philippines; Saudi Arabia
Nationality Philippines; Saudi Arabia
Degree Bachelor's degree

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إدارة مستشفيات القوات المسلحة بالخرج

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