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Anaesthesia Specialist

مستشفى القوات المسلحة بالجنوب Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia Posted 2020/10/18 04:26:44 Expires 2020-11-01 Ref: JB1100005813

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Takes responsibility for the direct delivery of professional and competent patient care by promoting quality care standards.
  • The anaesthesia technician must remain with the patient at induction and should not go out of operating room unless the Consultant anaesthetist gives permission to leave.
  • To check the anaesthesia machine and intubation tools every morning.
  • Intubation tray has to be prepared pre – operatively. Invasive transducers has to be prepared pre – operatively according to the request of the anaesthetist.
  • To provide all equipment and drugs as required by the anaesthetist prior to the commencement of the procedure.
  • To attach all monitoring equipment requested by the anaesthetist.
  • To set up I.V. equipment, assist with venepuncture and securing of same.
  • Assist in positioning of patient. Ensures correct positioning/alignment of patient on operative field with no medical legal hazards regarding patient injuries.
  • During intubation, by handling instruments requires, assistance with performing cricoids pressure or manipulation of the larynx, inflating the cuff and securing the tube.
  • The anaesthesia technician must be available at a short notice during maintenance of an anaesthetic.
  • The anaesthesia technician must remain with the anaesthetist and patient at the completion of an anaesthetic to provide assistance. He has to assist effectively in the whole anaesthesia care according to the patient needs and anaesthetist request.
  • Assisting with extubation.
  • Disconnecting the patient from the monitor when indicated by the anaesthetist.
  • The anesthesia technician has to wipe the cables by saniwipe cloth, change the breathing filter, cleans the laryngoscope blade between cases.
  • It is the responsibility of the anaesthesia technician to follow all the general memorandum and instructions of the hospital as a qualified staff.
  • After the cases, the anaesthesia technician must clean all the anaesthesia machine and equipment according to infection control guidelines.
  • Anaesthesia technician must refill the anaesthesia trolley before leaving the OR suite.
  • Breathing circuits has to be disposed end of the day.
  • Going out of the operating suite is unacceptable without informing the Supervisor of Anaesthesia Technician.
  • It is the responsibility of the anaesthesia technician in the room to inform the Supervisor of Anaesthesia Technician regarding faulty machine or equipment.
  • Exhibit professional behavior when interacting with other members of health care team.
  • Collaborate with others to provide care to the patient.
  • Late shift anaesthesia technician should relieved the morning duty according to the designation of Supervisor of Anaesthesia technician.
  • Helps and assists in cleaning and stocking of rooms after the case were finished.
  • Completion of delayed cases according to the delegation of the Late Anaesthesia Technician Supervisor.
  • Endorsing all the rooms to the  Late Supervisor of Anaesthesia Technician after all the cases were finished during evening time and Late Shift Supervisor of Anaesthesia Technician with the On – Call Anaesthesia Technician will be responsible person next day morning about the rooms, equipment and stocks.


  • Remains updated in current professional practices
  • Responsible for keeping updated in mandatory courses for self development
  • Responsible for keeping BLS certification yearly


Anaesthetic Technology

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Job Location Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Medical/Hospital
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
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Employment Type Employee
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Career Level Mid Career
Residence Location Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Bachelor's degree

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