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فني صحة عامة/Public Health Technician (الخدمة المدنية)

مستشفى القوات المسلحة بشرورة Sharurah, Saudi Arabia Posted 2022/12/01 12:07:43 Expires 2022-12-15 Ref: JB1100028931

Duties and Responsibilities



  • Duties and responsibilities:






  • Apply knowledge and principles of prevention and control of disease and injury, clinical, and epidemiological subjects relevant to preventive medicine practices.



  • Conduct Health emergency and epidemics disease surveillance and active case finding.



  • Sharing in epidemiological investigation and/or implementing control measures for communicable disease occurrences.



  • Establish and maintain medical knowledge, skills, and behaviour appropriate to preventive medicine.



  • Direct public health education programs dealing with topics such as preventable diseases, injuries, nutrition, food service sanitation, water supply safety, sewage and waste disposal and insect control.



  • Aiding in the development of plans and policies that address public health concerns.



  • Collect and analyze data related to current health issues.



  • Assist in the development of health policies and plans.



  • Fulfils the requirements of the Saudi Council for Health Specialties with regards to registration.



  • Provides regular written reports on areas within his responsibility.



  • Participate in activities of national immunization campaigns within SAFH as need arises.






  • Personal qualities / skills:






  • Effective communication skills with others.



  • Establish constructive relationship with other departments, groups and organizations.



  • Respect confidentiality, privacy, and autonomy.



  • Self - motivated and with awareness of current trends in the field.



  • Abilities and knowledge to use computers and related technology.



  • Ability to speak, write and read Arabic and English.



  • Show awareness of and respond to nonverbal cues.



  • Effectively facilitate all forms of encounters.



  • Effectively work with health professionals and other stakeholders.



  • Demonstrate a respectful attitude towards other colleagues and members of inter-professional team showing trust, respect, honest, and empathy.




صحة عامة

Job Details

Job Location Sharurah, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Healthcare, other
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Position No.


Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 1

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Entry Level
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Diploma

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مستشفى القوات المسلحة بشرورة

Healthcare, other

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