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موظفة استقبال العيادات الخارجية - Receptionist OPD / Alhada Military Hospital

مستشفيات القوات المسلحه بالطائف Altaif, Saudi Arabia Posted 2019/12/23 08:23:52 Expires 2020-01-06 Ref: JB1100003062

Duties and Responsibilities

5.0 Duties and Responsibilities:

5.1     Performs various responsible clerical jobs.

5.2    Records and enters in the computer patient’s information.

5.3    Check the nurse assigned in the clinic daily.

5.4  Greet patients pleasantly, ask patient medical ID, check patient’s appointment in the computer and confirmed.

5.4.1 Write down the Medical ID, Clinic code and the time of appointment of the patient in small piece of paper and punch the time of arrival thru Bundy clock, give number and place it in designated doctor’s box.

5.5   Refers calls regarding condition of patient to the Head Nurse or Charge Nurse.

5.6    Receives and coordinates all incoming calls and directs to the appropriate personnel.

5.7    Answer the phone politely and give information, transfer calls or make appointments for In-patient wards or Outpatients as required.

5.8    Maintains confidentiality.

5.9     Appointments:

5.9.1   Pilots take precedence over other patients and must be given an appointment within 24 hours. Military General also must receive similar service.

5.9.2   High Ranking Military Official (from Col. to General) is to be seen as VIP and will be given no. (2, 4&5) if the VIP patient came as walk-in it will defend to the attending physician if the patient will be given VIP no.

5.9.3   New or Follow-up patients will be given appointments according to the urgency of their condition or as per physician advice. Appointments will be entered and send thru SMS to the patient when the appointment has been made.

5.10   Outcomes:

5.10.1 At the end of the session, enter the outcomes in the computer to ensure all patients seen, admissions and discharge entered accurately and submit the computer sheet to the Satisfied Clerk office for checking and recording.

5.11  Maintains and ensures that your working space is neat and tidy.

5.12  Requests for a work order if required.

5.13  Ensures adequate supply of forms and stationeries and submits a request order if needed.

5.14  Photocopies forms as required.

5.15  Performs other tasks and duties within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.

5.16  Participate in CQI & PS activities.

5.17   Clinical Cancellation:

5.17.1 Undertakes all patient cancellations whenever a Doctor going on leave ask the cancellation form from the Medical Staff Secretary and request to OPD office to close the clinic. The clinics are cancelled accordingly in compliance with IPP OPD-002.  When the clinic cancellation form approved by Department Heads, OPD Administrator and Medical Director Office.

5.17.2     Rebook or transfer patients booked to nearest available slots thru bulk system in Wipro, automatically the patient will be informed thru SMS their new appointment.

5.18   Wheelchairs:

5.18.1 It is the responsibility of the Receptionist/Ward Clerk to see any wheelchairs belonging to their clinic are returned after use.

5.18.2 When a patient request a wheelchair he/she should leave any identification (e.g, Drivers license or Military ID) to the Receptionist or Ward Clerk until he returns the wheelchair and redeems his I.D.




الثانوية العامة أو مايعادلها، دورة في الحاسب الآلي بالإضافة إلى الإلمام باللغة الإنجليزية

Job Details

Job Location Altaif, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Government Sector
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Administration
Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 10

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Entry Level
Years of Experience Min: 1
Residence Location Saudi Arabia
Gender Female
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree High school or equivalent

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