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مستشفى الملك فهد للقوات المسلحة بجدة Jeddah , Saudi Arabia Posted 2020/09/01 07:17:08 Expires 2021-05-24 Ref: JB1100004729

Duties and Responsibilities

Esta bl ishesa good worki ng envi ronment in which patients receive a high standard of




3.2              Takes responsi bility  for the direct delivery  of professional  and competent  pat ientcare by promoti ng quali ty care standards.


3.3              Acts on behalf of or at the direction of the Head Nurse/Cha rge N u rse in setting and

monitoring standards for patient care.


3.4             Partici pates  in  t he monitoring of the Planning, delivery of care and  evaluation of thei ndivi d ual ized Patient Care.


3.5              Informs the Head N u rse/Charge  Nurse of any changes in circumstances which  affect

t he standards of care.





















Establ ishes   and   develops   effective   comm unications    with    a l l    staff   of   other di scipl ines, pati ents, relati ves and all hospital employees.


3.7              Maintai ns the safety and well-being of patients and staff in accordance with policiesand prnccd u rcs.


3.8             Uses  equ ipmi.:nt  and  suppl ies  in  cost   effect ive   and   responsi ble   manner   and pcu-t i cipatcs in t he procedure  for  ordering  supplies  within  the  agreed  budget  as dclegat    d.


3.9             Ensures t ha t Infection Control Practices are adhered to in accord ance with approved infection  con t rol  pol icies.




















3. I 0 Ensures that studentsand temporary staff allocated to the ward  ha ve  appropriateorientation, teaching and support in accordance with their curricular objectives andreports any  matter of concern to the Head Nurse/Charge  Nurse.


3.1 1        Parti cipates  in  t he care, custody  and administration  of Medicines  in  accordance with

the PPG.




3.1 2



ts and repor1s all accidents/incidentsto Head Nurse/Charge Nurse and Site



3.1 3      Ensu res  that  all  n u rsing  documentation   is  completed  accuratel y  and  legi bly  and

u nd erst ands the importance and relevance of thei r confidential  nat u re.




  • Assists i n data col lection for monitoring and statistical






  • Partici pates in  staff orientation  and on-going developmental 






  • 16 Takesre sponsibi lity   for  own   professional   development   and   growth   and   remains updat ed  i n  current  professional  practices.






  • 1 7 M aintainsann ual  updates  i n  I nfection  Control,  Fire and  Safety and  Major Disaster.



              Ed ucates patients and/or fami l ies on matters relevant to the patient's condition/s asapplicable.




  • l 9 Protects and upholds th rights of the patients and their famil ies.






  • Partici pates in q ual ity  improvement  and patient  safety activities and  attends  quality i mprovement   educational   activities as  






  • Maintains confidential ity at all




3.22        Carries out other dutiesappropriate  to the role and the individua l at the request of

the Head Nurse/ChargeNurse .




  • Commitment to learning and training in pursuance of his/her






  • Ability to deal calmly, with tact and diplomacy to patient and staff






  • Ability to work effectively ina multi-cultural environment





Job Details

Job Location Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Government Sector
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Position No.


Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 10

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Residence Location Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Bachelor's degree

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مستشفى الملك فهد للقوات المسلحة بجدة

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