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مستشفي الأمير سلطان للقوات المسلحة بالمدينة المنورة Medina, Saudi Arabia Posted 2020/10/07 09:35:46 Expires 2020-12-10 Ref: JB1100005732

Duties and Responsibilities

leadership and Management:
4.1.1 Assume responsibility in the absence of Head Nurse assist with
staffing and scheduling responsibilities, attendance, Ieave requests
and the maintenance of other unit administrative duties.
4.1,2 Collaborate with other health care team members, patient's and family
in planning and providing safe and comprehensive care .
4.1.3 Rotate through various shifts as required in capacity of Assistant Head
Nurse and relieves Head Nurse for vacation and sick leave, carrying
out responsibilities of Head Nurse.
4.1,4 Remain professional in conflict management and problem-solving
skills when necessary, maintaining neutrality, thereby promoting good
interpersonal relationships.
4.1.5 Follow appropriate lines of authority / communications and acts as a
liaison between unit and Nursing Administration.
4.2 Clinical:
4.2.1 Assess patients' needs and condition and ensures optimum care is
provided by participation and on
- going supervision.

4,2.2 Perform procedures accurately, completely and safely according to
hospital policy.
4,2.3 Function quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.
4,2.4 Evaluate patients' treatment and care and reports pertinent
information to appropriate nursing or medical personnel.
4,2.5 Assist the doctor and carry out prescribed treatment including
administration of medication as per hospital policy.
4.2.6 Maintain safe-keeping of narcotics when in charge and adhering to
hospital policy.
4.2.7 Document observed physical and emotional symptoms and change of
patient's conduction according to hospital policy.
4.2.8 Maintain confidentiality to all patient records.
4.2,9 Respect the dignity of patients and maintains confidentiality.
4.2.10 Develop patient teaching and discharge plans.

4.2.11 Participate in the assessment and appraisal of junior staff.
4.2.12 Maintain a professional appearance and adheres to dress code policy.
4.2,13 Monitor and maintain stock of consumables / clinical supplies.
4.2.14 Participate in Nursing Committees.
4.2.15 Ensure knowledge of Hospital Disaster Plan.
4.2.16 Maintain professional license.
4.2.17 Contribute to
Quality Management by identifying nursing problems and
assisting with data collection.
4,2.17.1 Identifying and reporting accidents and incidents.
4.2,18 Perform other applicable tasks and duties within the realm of her



Personal Qualities /Skills Reouired
9.1 Essential:
9.1.2 Professional, ward demeanor with effective collaborative communication skills.
9.1.3 Basic Training of equipment / procedures in area of responsibility
9.2 Desirable:
9.2.1 Computer literate
9.2.2 Ability to change focus given added demands and /or new responsibilities.



Job Details

Job Location Medina, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Government Sector
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Position No.


Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 2

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Years of Experience Min: 5 Max: 10
Residence Location Medina, Saudi Arabia
Nationality United Arab Emirates; Afghanistan; Albania; Austria; Australia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bangladesh; Belgium; Bulgaria; Bahrain; Brunei Darussalam; Bhutan; Belarus; Canada; Switzerland; Czech Republic; Germany; Djibouti; Denmark; Algeria; Estonia; Egypt; Spain; Finland; France; Great Britain (UK); Greece; Croatia (Hrvatska); Hungary; Indonesia; Ireland; India; Iraq; Iceland; Italy; Jordan; Kyrgyzstan; Cambodia; Comoros; Kosovo; Kuwait; Kazakhstan; Laos; Lebanon; Sri Lanka; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Latvia; Libya; Morocco; Moldova; Montenegro; Macedonia; Myanmar; Mauritania; Maldives; Malaysia; Netherlands; Norway; Nepal; New Zealand; Oman; Philippines; Pakistan; Poland; Portugal; Palestine; Qatar; Romania; Serbia; Russian Federation; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Sweden; Singapore; Slovenia; Slovak Republic; Somalia; Syria; Thailand; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Tunisia; East Timor; Ukraine; United Kingdom; United States; Uzbekistan; Viet Nam; Yemen
Degree Bachelor's degree

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