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مثقف عيادات (تمريض) - clinical instructor

مستشفي الأمير سلطان للقوات المسلحة بالمدينة المنورة Medina, Saudi Arabia Posted 2021/08/11 11:33:27 Expires 2023-02-20 Ref: JB1100016258

Duties and Responsibilities




4.1.1 Consult with and keeps the Head of Nursing Education informed of activities needs and problems related education within both the department and clinical areas.

4.1.2 Liaise with Head Nurses and Nursing Supervisors on matters related to clinical performance and educational objectives within specific clinical focus areas.

4.1.3 Participate in the identification of clinical learning needs and develops strategies to meet those needs.

4.1.4 -Prepare and deliver all clinical teaching materials, including notes, hand - out references, tapes, slides, and clinical manual booklet.

4.1.5 Develop, prepare, supervises and invigilates examinations.



4.1.6 Participate in the education of nursing staff regarding new equipment within the hospital. 4.1.7 Provide opportunities and encouragement for all levels of staff to be involved in educational programs.

4.1.8 Provide individual counseling and guidance for educational needs or deficits.

4.1.9 Provide professional literature and current periodicals to - hospital personnel in order to foster continuing update of knowledge.

4.1.10 Provide a monthly report to the Head of Nursing Education, outlining clinical required by the Head of Nursing Education, including the preparation of student progress the objectives of the department.

4.l.ll Assist in the requisition of supplies for Nursing Education Department. 4.1.12 Liaise with the Infection Control Nurse as required regarding infection control standard of education and clinical services for the hospital.

4.1.13 Maintain, support and develop the professional identity of staff within the Regular monthly income by wearing your shorts at the comfort of your home for more information.

4.1.14 Serve as a clinical resource person and consultant to Nursing Staff in order to provide ongoing learning and self improvement.

4.1.15 Instill an appreciation of optimum quality care, through example and teaching.

4.1.16 Assist in the supervision of nursing personnel to ensure continuity of achievement of educational and hospital goals and objectives.

4.1.17 Maintain level of clinical expertise through regular participation in clinical activities.


4.1.18 Keep updated on the current computer system tools within the hospital.

4.1.19 Plan and take responsibility for own professional growth and development.

4.1.20 Possess knowledge of hospital policies and objectives and the ability to interpret this knowledge to personnel, patients and their families, and to the community.

4.1.21 Understand the legal, social, economical forces that influence the health care delivery system, keeping abreast of new legislation and regulations that affect standards ofnursing practice and patient care. 4.1.22 Participate in the provision of an educational environment for Saudi Nursing Students and Interns, facilitating the achievement of learning objectives.

4.1.23 Carry out any other delegated duties from the Head of Nursing Education or Director of Nursing.

4.1.24 Conform to hospital Dress Code and acts in accordance with all agreed hospital department policies at all time.

4.1.25 Attend Nursing Education department meetings. Undertakes other ad hoc duties as directed by the Head of Nursing Education.

4.1.26 Attend committees and other department meetings as required and - participate fully in all departmental activities.

4.1.27 Perform other duties within the realm of her qualification and experience.







- Knowing of an instrumentation,equipment and technical procedures
used within the clinical teaching Setting.

- Minimum of  (5) years in teaching‐ nursing Academic

- Minimal of  (5) years in clinical setting.


تمريض - Nursing

Job Details

Job Location Medina, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Government Sector
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Position No.


Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 3

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Years of Experience Min: 4
Residence Location Medina, Saudi Arabia
Nationality United Arab Emirates; Afghanistan; Albania; Armenia; Australia; Azerbaijan; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bangladesh; Bulgaria; Bahrain; Brunei Darussalam; Bhutan; Belarus; Canada; China; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Djibouti; Algeria; Estonia; Egypt; Great Britain (UK); Georgia; Hong Kong; Croatia (Hrvatska); Hungary; Indonesia; Ireland; India; Iraq; Iran; Jordan; Japan; Kyrgyzstan; Cambodia; Comoros; Korea (North); Korea (South); Kosovo; Kuwait; Kazakhstan; Laos; Lebanon; Sri Lanka; Lithuania; Latvia; Libya; Morocco; Moldova; Montenegro; Macedonia; Myanmar; Mongolia; Macau; Mauritania; Maldives; Malaysia; Nepal; New Zealand; Oman; Philippines; Pakistan; Poland; Palestine; Qatar; Romania; Serbia; Russian Federation; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Singapore; Slovenia; Slovak Republic; Somalia; Syria; Thailand; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Tunisia; East Timor; Türkiye; Taiwan; Ukraine; United Kingdom; United States; Uzbekistan; Viet Nam; Yemen
Degree Bachelor's degree

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