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عامل نظافة- Housekeeping

مستشفى الملك فهد للقوات المسلحة بجدة Jeddah , Saudi Arabia Posted 2023/05/07 07:22:59 Expires 2023-08-20 Ref: JB1100033830

Duties and Responsibilities

Cleaning all furniture, fixtures and fittings in offices, patient rooms, public areas and
deparbnents, including :

 Cleaning of interior / exterior glass and windows.
 Dusting and spot cleaning walls and doors.
 High dusting including door frames TVs electric fans air vents and curtain
 Cleaning beds, examination couches, and certain non-medical equipment.
 To work in an efficient manner and to minimize waste.
 Cleaning and maintenance of floor surfaces including:
 Vacuuming and carpet shampooing.
 Dust mopping and wet mopping.
 Polishing, stripping and daily spray buffing of hard floor surfaces.

Staff assigned to NICU and OB Ward to clean baby cribs and Isolates maintaining
the required records.
Cleaning bathrooms, toilets utility areas and their associated ceramic and stainless
steel fixtures. Regular scrubbing of bathroom floors, particularly in public and staff
Ensure that adequate supplies of toilet rolls, hand towels, soap and liquid hand soap
are available in patient, staff and public toilets or wherever dispensers are located.
Cleans and retums all equipment to its proper place after use, maintaining the
janitors facilities in a clean and tidy manner ensuring that:
Mop heads are changed as required (minimum daily) and sent for laundering.
Dust mops are vacuumed frequently changed as required (minimum daily)
and sent for laundering.
That the correct coloured mop head is used for the task.
Moping water is changed after each in-patient room.
All used floor maintenance pads are sent for washing after use.
To be aware of the Hospital procedure on handling rubbish separation including:
Classification of waste.
Regular collection of rubbish, wherever possible emptying rather then
changing the bags except for medical waste
Ensuring the appropriate coloured bag yellow or black is placed in the bin.
Regular cleaning of rubbish containers.
Safe handling and storage of rubbish before collection and removal of
rubbish to the extemal garbage room.
In some wards and departments transfer of rubbish to the external garbage
Putting away Housekeeping supplies and ensuring that they are secured.
Reporting any losses of housekeeping supplies or equipment to the
Housekeeping Supervisor on duty.
To attend any in-service training, meetings or lectures.
 Assist with the orientation for new employees by being an on the job training
To works in a safe manner and reports any incidents, accidents, near misses or
hazards to the Housekeeping Supervisor on duty.
To comply with the Hospital and Departmental PPG's and Work instructions:
 To be correctly dressed in uniform when on duty.

To maintain a good standard of personal appearance and hygiene.
To follow the duty schedule.
To comply with requests, advice and instructions from the Housekeeping
Hair to be tide up before entering the hospital and while on duty.
Periodically to assist with moving furniture and equipment.
Reports any maintenance defects to the Engineering dept dispatch office, Supervisor
or person in charge of his/trer immediate area.
Protects and upholds the rights of the patients and their families.
Participates in quality improvement and patient safety activities and attends quality
improvement educational activities as appropriate.
Adheres to infection control guidelines.
Maintains confidentiality at all times.




Good relationship building skills.

Ability to work independently.


 Ability to work effectively and efficiently in multicultural environment.


عامل تنظيف

Job Details

Job Location Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Utilities
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Support Services
Position No.


Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 25

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Entry Level
Years of Experience Min: 1
Residence Location Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Nationality Brunei Darussalam; Indonesia; Cambodia; Laos; Myanmar; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; East Timor; Viet Nam
Degree Below High School Level

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