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أخصائي علاج طبيعي بمركز الرعاية المنزلية / PHYSICAL THERAPIST

مستشفيات القوات المسلحه بالطائف Altaif, Saudi Arabia Posted 2020/10/18 09:50:01 Ref: JB1100005827

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Works under the direct supervision of the Head of the Home Health Care Unit (HHC).
  • Visits patients at home and develops a Plan of Care.
  • Perform an evaluation / assessment of each patient's unique needs during the first visit.
  • Create an individualized treatment plan or exercise programs based on the evaluation and clinically proven therapy methods; exercise program should aim to help improve health and help patients return to a normal lifestyle as much as possible.
  • Teach the created exercise progams to the patients, patients’ relatives and sitters.
  • Make sure that patients, patients’ relatives understood and can perform the exercise programs properly.
  • Educate the patients, patients relatives and sitters the benefits of the exercise programs and that they should do it everyday.
  • Prioritize patients’ safety.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of patient, thus maintaining patients’ rights.
  • Help in retrieving/ pulling out the patients files whenever needed.
  • Organize and prepare patient visit schedule per individual patient discharge plan and monitor its implementation.
  • Provide feedback to the health team members.
  • Participate in staff development.
  • Participate in HHC Team meetings and advise the Department Head as required.
  • Facilitate open channels of communication with all HHC team members.
  • Entertain or assist needs of patients’ relatives that are coming to the HHC office.
  • Assist other staff in all patients or department needed procedures or activities.
  • Keep record of treatment provided to the patients during home visit by making a signed entry in the patient’s Physical Therapy Progress Notes in the patient’s file / Kardex.
  • Report any changes in the patient’s condition; or in the patient’s treatment prior to implementation of such changes to the Department Head.
  • Perform other duties assigned by the Department Head.
  • Maintain a peaceful and safe working environment.
  • Participate in Environmental Safety Rounds.
  • Responsible for keeping updated in Infection Control, Fire and Safety, and Disaster training on a yearly basis.
  • Responsible for keeping Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation certification and updated on a 2 year basis.
  • Promote health education to patient and their family regarding patient status.
  • Participate in CQI & PS Activities.


  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Knowledge in Basic Computer (Microsoft Office).


Physical Therapy

Job Details

Job Location Altaif, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Government Sector
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Position No.

06238068 / 06238067 / 06238057

Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 3

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Residence Location Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Bachelor's degree

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