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أخصائي أول علاج طبيعي بمستشفى الهدا / SENIOR PHYSIOTHERAPIST

مستشفيات القوات المسلحه بالطائف Altaif, Saudi Arabia Posted 2020/01/05 11:20:40 Expires 2021-03-03 Ref: JB1100003167

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Responsible for the provision and maintenance of an efficient and effective physiotherapy service in the assigned area.


  • Responsible for the organization of the workload and supervision of the physiotherapy Staff in the assigned section of the service.


  • To be professional, legally responsible and accountable for all aspects of your own work including the management of patients in your care.


  • To undertake comprehensive assessments of patients and to formulate effective, clinically reasoned treatment plan.                                                                  
  • To ensure a high standard of clinical care to inpatient and hydrotherapy patients under your management.
  • To carry out timely assessment and treatment of a mixed caseload of inpatients and to facilitate safe discharge home from the hospital.


  •  To be competent in using a wide variety of assessment techniques and skills .


  • To assess patients need for any rehabilitative equipment and aids to improve safety and functioning within the home.


  • To demonstrate highly developed therapeutic handling skills requiring dexterity, co-ordination and palpation skills for accurate assessment, treatment and handling of patients.


  • To be accountable to the Director of physiotherapy and communicate regularly through informal teaching and supervision sessions.


  • To accept clinical responsibility for a designated caseload of patients and to organize this effectively and efficiently with regard to clinical priorities and service requirement, with the support of the Inpatient team leader and Director of Physiotherapy.


  •  Directs and supervises Staff Physiotherapists, PT Technicians, interns or volunteers in the area when required.


5.2. Departmental/()rganizational Duties


  • To comply fully with all departmental and organizational policies and procedures.


  • To be responsible for the safe use of equipment used in the Physical therapy department, notifying the Director of any equipment in need of repair or maintenance and employing effective use of reporting systems already in place.


  • To be flexible and open to taking on duties with regard to both hospital and  departmental administration.


  • To be flexible and open to undertaking any other duties that might be considered appropriate by the Director, especially during busy periods.


5.3. Managerial Duties


  • To work with the physiotherapy team to provide an efficient and effective service and to be involved in the proposal/development and implementation of departmental policies.


  • To participate in the managerial matters of the department including attendance at departmental and hospital meetings.


  • To be responsible, in a flexible and adaptable way for the operational management of the clinical team.


  • To participate in the departmental appraisal system.


  • To be able to manage potentially stressful, upsetting or emotional situations in an empathetic manner.


  • To represent the Physical Therapy service and/or individual patients at the multidisciplinary team meetings.


  • To ensure timely effective communication with the Director and senior/junior staff on all professional matters.


  • To communicate effectively with patients and carers, in order to maximize rehabilitation potential and provide safe and efficient discharge plans.




  • Working knowledge of cbmputer software and Microsoft Office applications.


  • Ability to think critically, and be innovative to create/modify strategy or intervention Techniques to suit the individual needs of patients.


  • Demonstrates ability to analyze and make independent decisions.




Physical Therapy

Job Details

Job Location Altaif, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Government Sector
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Position No.

01133070 / 01133034

Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 2

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Residence Location Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Master's degree

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