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أخصائي أول تغذية علاجية_ SENIOR DIETITIAN

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Duties and Responsibilities

• Morning Ward check
• Each morning ( Sunday — Thursday) each dietitian visits their allotted wards and check the nursing cardex or the patient's file and to contact the nurse in charge to discuss the
• New patients
• Discharges
• Transfers and Bed changes
• Changes in diet prescription
• Patient condition and changes in treatment process
Office Duties
• On return to office any changes / discharges / admissions etc are put on a changes list and the diet orders on \"T\" Cards are prepared.
• These are completed and given to the diet cook before I lam for the diet menus to be made ready
Afternoon Changes List
• If any changes in the afternoon are made and given to the diet cook in the afternoon.
• Any patients who need counseling or giving of diet prescription for home is done in the morning or afternoon based on the availability.
The employee w ill
• Be responsible for the day to day management and supervision of the dietetics service provided.
• Utilize the appropriate tools, assessment forms, in provision of the nutritional care.
• Develop and implement new plans of care based on the changing trends in nutritional science.
• Communicate and maintain the appropriate nutritional care data through written records system.
• Evaluate the nutritional care processes to provide follow up for continuity of care.
• Advice all departmental members on any advances or new findings in the field of dietetics which can be implemented to better care for the patient and increase the healthy outcome.
• Member of health teams, and other teams as required by the Hospital policies
• Interview and instruct inpatients and outpatients, primary care patients and /or their relative in the management of dietetics regimes, food selection, economics, adapting to changing plans customized to the individual lifestyles at home during the clinic time.
• Maintains updated and necessary patient education materials and nutrition references and textbooks .
• On referral, interview patients, not receiving therapeutic diets, to assess their nutritional intake or advice on the provision of specific dietary requirements.
• Advice medical staff in prescribing therapeutic diets, nursing staff on nutritional management and the administration of therapeutic dietary regimes and diet kitchen staff on production of therapeutic diets.

• Formulate the Departmental Policies and supervise the follow up on the same being implemented by the Dietitians and the dietary staff.
• Plans, coordinates and implements the department's Quality Assurance Program
• Initiate and assist in research projects and specific aspects of Health Education organized in / by the hospital or other departments.
• Cover duties of other members of the department as required by the Chief Dietitian or Department.
• Responsible for keeping daily statistics of patients seen by her and other colleagues in the department.
• Update the statistics monthly and maintain the record.
• Perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of the employee's knowledge, skills and abilities.


• Essential: Ability to relate well to other health professionals, patients and their relatives.
• Essential: Effective communication skills, with ability to impress upon patients and their relatives the importance and benefit in pursuing healthy eating habits.
• Essential: Ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment.
• Essential: Ability to monitor, maintain and supervise the departmental processes and policies.


تغذية علاجية

Job Details

Job Location Alkharj, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Medical/Hospital
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Position No.


Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 1

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Years of Experience Min: 4
Residence Location Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Master's degree

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