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مستشفى الملك سلمان للقوات المسلحة بالشمالية الغربية Tabouk, Saudi Arabia Posted 2022/11/24 11:39:58 Expires 2022-12-24 Ref: JB1100028723

Duties and Responsibilities


6.0            MemberofHospitalSteering Team (HST).




6.1            Establishes structure which focuses on the activities needed to accomplish the department's objectives.




6.2            Develops and maintains the nursing organizational plan that defines structure, function, working relationships, and allocations ofresources as well as the Nursing Education and quality improvement.




6.3            Organizes, administers, controls and directs the operations and activities of the Nursing Department.




6.4             Facilitates adequate number of licensed registered nurses andskillmix to meet the nursing care needs of patients.




6.5             Responsible for the direction, provision, and quality of nursing services provided to patients.




6.6             Ensures quality and appropriateness of care by:




6.6.1       Monitoring the pcrfonnance of the nursing staff.




6,7.2    Establishing and monitoring standards.




6.7.3        Measuringactualperformance against the standards.




6.7.4        Correcting non--compliance.




6.7             Ensuresaneffective equitablesystem for Human Resource Management




6.8            Enforcescompliancetopolicies,procedures,standards, and established practice.




6.9            Coordinates and directs staff efforts toward accomplishment of goals and objectives.




6.10         Promotes and maintains communication within the Nursing Department.




6.11         Represents the Nursing department in Hospital Teams.




6.12         Ensures thatcosteffectiveutilizationoftheavailableresources is continuously reviewed and corrective actions arc taken to reduce waste on unjustified high utilization.


6.0             Ensures staff performance evaluations are processed within the timeframe.




6.1             Responds to respective area of assignment for policy development; establishes, oversees, and approves nursing policies and procedures and nursing professional standards of practice and patient care.




6.2             Conducts short and long range planning in accordance with Hospital objectives.




6.3             Organizes Nursing Department to meet the nursing care needs of patient and to maintain established standards of nursing practice.




6.4             Establishes quality improvement program to monitor, document and evaluates the quality and appropriateness of patient care provided by the Nursing Department.


6.5             Interface with the Hospital administration and other departments to coordinate efforts and resolve problems.




6.6             Recommends decisions regarding nursing staff promotions, transfers, and decisions of disciplinary hearings concerning nursing practice incidents.




6.7             Directs and supports Saudization of nursing staff.




6.8             Reviews and approves nursing candidate's credentials to ensure the recruitment of qualified and experienced nursing staff.




6.9             Submit the requirements for Nurse Education and professional programs to the Academic Affairs Department.




6.10        Monitors and evaluates the out-come of the Nurse Education and professional programs.




6.11          Participates in preparation of the operational and staffing budget.


6.12            Responsible for the management of CQI&PS activities in Nursing Services.




6.13         Participates in the Environmental Safety Awareness, i.e. CPR, Fire and Safety, Infection Control and major disaster plan of the hospital as indicated.




6.14         Ensures continuous quality improvement and patient safety with full compliance to Joint Commission International (JCl) and Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHl) Standards






10.0          Visioning, strategy and planning


10.1           Process excellence


10.2          Result orientation and execution


10.3          Decision Making and Risk Management


10.4         Problem Solving


10.5         ProfessionalDevelopment


10.6          Building & Leading Teams




10.7         Building Strategic Partnerships




10.8           9         Strategic Thinking


10.9           Customer satisfaction targets







  • Organizational competencies











  • General nursing competencies






Job Details

Job Location Tabouk, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Healthcare, other
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Position No.


Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 1

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Director/Head
Years of Experience Min: 20
Degree Bachelor's degree

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مستشفى الملك سلمان للقوات المسلحة بالشمالية الغربية

Healthcare, other

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