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مراقب جودة المياه / water quality controller ) Mechanical Technician )

مستشفيات القوات المسلحه بالطائف Altaif, Saudi Arabia Posted 2019/12/03 12:00:29 Expires 2020-02-18 Ref: JB1100002885

Duties and Responsibilities



  • Ensures that all preventive maintenance and work orders are carried out according to schedules.



  • To diagnose faults and prepare materials and required parts needed for       works.



  • Daily check up and monitoring of Haemodialysis Pre-treatment and Central Water Plant Desalination Equipment (Reverse Osmosis) Units.     



  • Daily gathering and testing all water samples in different sampling points from Phase 1 and Phase 2 Hospitals domestic hot and cold potable water supply.



  • Daily routine checking of potable water quality, chemical analysis and monitoring the following Equipment units:



    a.)  Test and analysis the Potable water, chemical analysis in different sampling points: Main Tank, V.A. Tank, Cold Water supply, hot Water supply, and Hot Water Return.

    b.) Daily check up the Haemodialysis Reverse Osmosis Central Water Plant, to check the parameters standard reading and analysis the water  such as: Water pH., T.D.S., Cl2, Iron,and water hardness.

 c.) Testing and analysis the chemical treatment of water in Steam Boiler, and Hot   water Boiler system to check the following standard parameters such as: Water hardness, water  pH., T.D.S., Iron, Phosphate, Sulfate, Alkalinity and water temperature.


d.) Testing and analysis the chemical treatment in hot water supply from Calorifier’s Equipment Unit for the checklist of parameters such as : Phosphate , and Iron contained in water.


e.)  Daily monitoring of Ministry water meter (M1) located near the Hospital entrance, and the Ultrasonic water Flow meter located at Zone 6 in Ministry Water Tank.


 f.) Daily performing the dosing of Chlorine chemical tablet into Ministry water tank, also in Metito Break Water Tank will performing a Chemical dosing of Chlorine granules into chemical dosing tank on every other days. And at the Hill Tank there’s a schedule of performing  Chemical Dosing of Chlorine Tablet intwice a week.


g.)  Every Hour monitoring of water level in Ministry Water Tank   located at Zone 6.


h.)  Daily charging of A-442 chemical into chemical dosing tank of  Calorifier’s Equipment, and also monitoring of  hot water temperature in every 30 mins.


i.) Conduct Weekly Schedule of General & Mechanical check up and inspection with the following Water Pumps conditions and Equipment units operation such as: Compressor Units, Ministry Water pumps, Booster pumps, Submersible pumps, and all instruments related in water treatment plant.


Proficiency in english language ( speaking , writing , and reading ) well enough to communicate , respond and understand work instructions .


mechanical or chemical sciences

Job Details

Job Location Altaif, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry Government Sector
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role Support Services
Employment Type Contractor
Number of Vacancies 1

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Entry Level
Residence Location Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Diploma

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